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20 reasons to have a dog in our life

Why Everyone Needs a Dog : 20 Reasons

Dogs are really man's best friends: kind, funny, and caring; they take care of us as often humans can't do. Don't you believe it? Try to see the video of Himalaya, the dog that moved the web.

The reasons for having a dog in our lives are many: we have identified 20 of them, among the most curious and interesting. Of course, there are many more

1. They are so innocent

A sauce, a small piece of wood, a pine pie, a ball, and even the most serious adult dog, loses its dignity and starts playing. A dog that loves you sees you from afar and launches itself into a broken race that ends in a festive and drooling embrace that melts the heart for its spontaneity and purity. Not to mention when they lie in front of your belly up, with their paws in front a little bent and those under open, in a gesture of total trust and request of caresses and love. Dogs don't judge; they don't calculate, they don't evaluate, they love you, they show you no matter who you are, what you do, what you've done in life.

2. Make you feel special

A difficult dog who decides that you are his friend, a kennel dog who stipulates that he must go home with you, a happy and hassle-free dog looking for you to be pampered, the relationship that settles with each dog is unique, and each of them makes you feel special. It's a bizarre feeling, and to those who have never experienced it, it can seem incredibly,e and yet it is. Dogs choose you, and when they do, they make you feel as special as nothing and no one else in the world.

3. I am an extraordinary company

Dogs do not speak but are a presence and a company with intensity and depth almost impossible to describe in words. With the dog, you chat, play, communicate, go around, never feel alone, even if they only sleep in the room where you are.

4. Distract

Dogs need attention and to go out, so the attentive and affectionate master at least for a few hours a day is forced to forget about the chaos of his existence to devote himself to the welfare of his quadruped - and then to walk to the park, play ball, run together...

5. They make socializing

Dogs need to be in the company of their fellows, and friendships born between quadrupeds often evolve into enjoyable friendships between humans.

6. They do physical activity

The quadruped needs to go out at least three times a day, of which at least one, possibly two, must be walking, playing, running possibly in a park or otherwise a green area, and since they alone can not go anywhere, here the more or less lazy master begins to make a healthier and more active life of which he will soon feel the benefits.

7. Help put things in perspective

Male dogs have a habit of diet and engage in this activity when they feel like, at any time of the day, no matter where they are and whatever is going on around them. A hilarious cartoon by the Englishman Rupert Fawcett beautifully describes the situation:

Three dogs dressed as The Three Kings bring gifts to Jesus Child, walking in an Indian row with the first two impetuous and proud; the third is on the ground that you make the bidet. The second turns around, looks at him, and exclaims, "Oh Colin, holy peace, but couldn't you wait?".

 Similarly, when a dog is asleep, it rolls up on itself or stretches on its stomach, perhaps with its tongue hanging out, and buzzing, no matter where it is and whatever is going on around it. As absurd as it sounds, their being oblivious and indifferent to everyday life's chaos is somehow transmitted to humans and helps them live more serenely.

8. They are always "small"

Dogs are adorable, and the more they grow, the more they become dependent and tied to their owners; they live for them, and without their humans are lost. Puppies are fun, cuddled, and very cute; with adult and elderly dogs, there is an amazing harmony and emotional depth. At any age, they are a constant source of incredible and unexpected tenderness.

9. They make you want to do things

Dogs have fun and are happy and transmit their happiness with their eyes and tail. If nothing else to make them happy, one does so many more things than he would if he didn't have the quadruped - a ride on the beach, a walk in the woods, four steps to the garden... everyone has his own.

10. Make life better

A puppy that falls asleep in your arms, a paw that stretches in search of caresses, a more or less large head that rests on the leg in search of confirmations and caresses, a more or less large body that lays next to you to make you feel its closeness, a little head that turns to confirm that the road it has taken is right , a body that leans on its legs in search of safety.... There are just a few of the many (very) reasons why having a dog is beautiful and makes life better.

11. It empathizes with human pain:

Studies by Goldsmiths College have shown how dogs approach those who cry or are in trouble. For this reason they are said to empathize with the man by comforting him.

12. It helps children to stay healthy:

children who own dogs are definitely healthier and there is a lower incidence of coughing, colds and otites,as the dog is not a clean animal and carries germs, but it helps to make the child's immune system stronger.

13. It helps to stay in shape:

children who own a dog are much more active and do more physical activity. In addition adults can take their friend for a jog and it will be much more fun than doing it yourself.

14. It reduces post-traumatic stress disorder:

In particular, among soldiers, veterans of war zones. In their simplicity, animals help these people lower their shields, reduce their aggression, and find a better psycho-physical balance.

15. Reduces the risk of heart problems:

studies by theAmerican Heart Association reveal that dog owners are less likely to contract heart disease. The reason is that dog owners do a lot more exercise even just by taking the dog for a walk and this helps to reduce stress.

16. They help to fight depression:

Having a dog close to you is very useful in treating depression; loves us unconditionally and always wants to see us happy. This helps to get up in difficult times and move forward.

17. Helps children with autism:

The dog can help autistic children develop emotions and emotional bonds through the stimulus of communication and relational skills. It also reduces the level of cortisol in the body so that the child calms down.

18. Prevents bullying:

Thanks to a dog's help, boys manage to control their emotions by recognizing fear, anger, frustration, or joy. To increase the sense of responsibility and socialize, strengthen self-esteem,, and decrease any aggression.

19. They help people suffering from fibromyalgia:

The naked dog of Mexico is beneficial in fibromyalgia; as hairless, its body temperature acts as a warming buffer. Unlike a normal heating bearing. However, it will never leave you for as long as you keep it close, you can cuddle it, and its affection will warm your heart as well as your body.

20. Improves the quality of life of people with disabilities:

The dog supports the mentally ill during difficult times when the person may feel frustrated. In those moments, their furry friend will be there to remind them that someone is always present.

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